How does this work?

Then & Now takes historic images of Brighton & Hove from our photographic and fine art collections and pins them on a map of the city.

We invite you to contribute your own photographs of the city today, so we can compare the views. All you need to do is:

  1. Find a location on the map
  2. See what it used to look like
  3. Take a photograph of that spot today and send it to us

We’ll then add your photograph to the historic view so others can switch between them. You can see an example below using Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

What you need to know

Stay safe

When viewing the locations or taking photographs, please make sure you stay safe. Watch out for traffic and pedestrians if taking a photograph from an awkward angle.

Please make sure you observe current government guidance on social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For data protection reasons, please try to avoid capturing passersby in your photographs. They may not like being photographed by you and this can be a cause of personal conflict.


Please make sure you only submit photographs that you have personally taken. Using photographs taken by other people is likely to be a breach of their copyright.

In order for us to display your photographs we need you to agree to release the images under an open licence. We use a Creative Commons attribution-share alike licence (CC BY-SA).

Agreeing to this licence means that you will retain copyright in your photographs, but you agree to Royal Pavilion & Museums or anyone else re-using the image subject to two conditions:

  • It must be credited to you
  • Any works including your image must be made available under the same licence

This is the same licence Royal Pavilion & Museums uses for images of its collections in which it owns the copyright.

Data protection

For data protection reasons we cannot publish any photographs containing identifiable people. Crowds of people may be ok, but we cannot accept submissions which could lead to people being recognised.

Any personal data you supply to us is given on the basis of your consent to contribute to this website. Your name and message will be displayed alongside your photograph.

Brighton & Hove City Council will be the data controller for this information, although it will be transferred to the Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust as part of a transfer of service on 1 October 2020.

For more information about the transfer and your rights over your data, see the general privacy notice on our website.